Saturday, May 7, 2022

KeyTap3 Exploit Knows What You Type Keyboard Eavesdropping

A new KeyTap3 exploit might explain how some websites are able to track and offer recommendations for an item you just searched for.

Programmer Georgi Gerganov doesn’t use any Bluetooth, WiFi, or RF-based methods to eavesdrop on your keyboards, but rather a normal microphone. That’s right, it essentially captures audio of you typing before using that information to generate a cluster map of clicks with similar sounds.

It then analyzes those clusters and utilizes statistical information about the frequency of the letter n-grams in the supposed language of the text. 

The algorithm realizes that some of these letter combinations are used more frequently in certain languages, like English, and then begins guessing. 

Try it out here if you have a clicky mechanical keyboard. This exploit would most likely not fare well against Samsung’s SelfieType, an AI-powered keyboard. more