Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Hey, boss. Check your office lately?"

Monster Worldwide, Inc., recently polled its U.S. visitors to gauge their feelings towards bosses... The August poll also asked Americans that if they could spy or eavesdrop on their boss without getting caught, would they? 

More than half of the 2,153 respondents (57 percent) said they want to know what their bosses are saying about them behind closed doors. Only 12 percent say they would not eavesdrop on their boss because they are afraid of what they might hear. (more)

Funny, this mirrors our eavesdropping detection findings. About half of the corporate eavesdropping cases we solve are "inside jobs." 

If you haven't checked your office lately, give a call (from somewhere other than your office) to the person who hosts Kevin's Security Scrapbook in your area. These counterespionage specialists are friendly, smart and really good at solving this type of problem. You can also contact me directly.