Tuesday, September 10, 2019

GPS Tracker Bugs Kids... about 600,000 of them.

Serious security flaws in GPS trackers manufactured by a Chinese company have been found to expose location data of nearly 600,000 children and elderly, according to researchers from cybersecurity firm Avast.

T8 Mini GPS Tracker Locator
The researchers spotted the vulnerabilities in the T8 Mini GPS tracker and nearly 30 other models by the same manufacturer, Shenzhen i365 Tech.

...these devices expose all data sent to the Cloud, including exact real-time GPS coordinates, showed the findings revealed last week.

Further, design flaws can enable unwanted third-parties to spoof the location or access the microphone for eavesdropping.

The researchers estimate that there are about 600,000 of these unprotected trackers in use globally that are using the very generic default password of "123456". more

FutureWatch - Non-Public 5G Networks - Network Security via Isolation

The concept of non-public networks is nothing new -- yet the rise of the internet of things (IoT) and connected assets is driving more and more companies to investigate the opportunities that non-public 5G networks could offer them...  

Non-public 5G networks offer protection against industrial espionage. Data in non-public 5G networks is segregated and processed separately from public 5G networks. This ensures complete privacy protection of process -- and production-related data. more

This Week in Spy News

DC - In a previously undisclosed secret mission in 2017, the United States successfully extracted from Russia one of its highest-level covert sources inside the Russian government... more

Netflix - Though hampered by a few hiccups and low-hanging cliches, Netflix's new miniseries The Spy is also awesomely anchored by an astounding dramatic performance by Sacha Baron Cohen. more

FL - The trial of alleged Mar-a-Lago intruder and supposed Chinese “spy” Yujing Zhang started with a bout of the bizarre that has become typical of the case, briefly delaying proceedings. more
Switzerland - Russian spies have been operating in Switzerland under assumed identities, using documents that change their nationalities, a former KGB agent has told Swiss public television RTS. more

S. Korea - A former prisoner in North Korea has told German media that he used to spy for the CIA, seeking out nuclear secrets and taking pictures with a concealed wristwatch camera. more

DC - A former CIA officer who says she spent years under deep cover has written what appears to be one of the most revealing memoirs ever put to paper by an American intelligence operative — a book so intriguing that Apple bought the television rights even before its October publication date. Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA, by Amaryllis Fox more

DC - Valerie Plame isn’t a spy anymore, but she plays one in her latest campaign ad, which looks more like the trailer for a movie about Jason Bourne’s aunt than the start of a congressional run. more

Book Review - Spying: Assessing US Domestic Intelligence Since 9/11 by Darren E. Tromblay.
This book is a welcome addition to the rather small literature on domestic and homeland intelligence in the United States. It will interest more than just intelligence specialists, because Tromblay addresses broader homeland security issues, focusing especially on the FBI and DHS, and the book would serve as a useful introduction to those agencies. more

Friday, September 6, 2019

Last Month in Spycam News

OH - The 27-year-old manager of Hamad Tire was charged with public indecency and voyeurism... Police... found videos on (his) cellular device "that depicted the secret and surreptitious recording of females using the toilet at the business." (and) discovered a vent had been accessed beneath the HVAC unit that provided hidden access to the female's bathroom without the knowledge of the bathroom's users. more

UK - Victims of a pervert doctor, who was jailed for voyeurism after taking thousands of images of female patients, are seeking compensation. more

TX - Lee Choon Ping has pleaded guilty to video voyeurism after he was caught planting a hidden camera in the toilet of a United Airlines flight... Authorities had identified Lee after comparing surveillance videos to the clips contained in the planted camera. more

Canada - A high school teacher convicted by Canada's top court of voyeurism for secretly video recording female students with a pen camera has been handed a six-month jail term. more

UT - A North Ogden man is being charged with voyeurism after officials allegedly found more than 110 videos of an undressed teenage girl on his computer... the defendant had put a camera in a bathroom and recorded a female juvenile... “Furthermore, the defendant was identified in some of the images while setting up the camera.” more

CT - Detective Lt. Mark Williams says in the past year, Danbury police have responded to four voyeurism incidents in local stores and to one dorm situation involving a student in the shower. more

Canada - A Kelowna man has been arrested after RCMP were called to a local business regarding a possible voyeurism offence... an individual located what they believed to be a small hidden camera in the staff washroom of Summerhill Pyramid Winery... the staff member has been terminated and all other bathrooms, staff and public, have been swept. more

FL - The discovery of a bathroom spy camera led to the arrest of a Gainesville talent manager... a person was in a bathroom with his girlfriend when he noticed a clock that looked like a hidden camera... Shortly after discovering the spy camera, the person who uncovered the camera got an unprompted call from Howard Louis Anderson Jr., 38, trying to explain why he placed the camera there. more 

UK - A physiotherapist placed hidden cameras in bathrooms to secretly film a teenage girl while she got undressed and showered. Andrew Weinzettel, 52, also admitted he secretly filmed another female patient at a physiotherapy clinic in Greenfield Park in Sydney's west... he placed a covert camera disguised as a clothes hook at the clinic, which had a swimming pool for patients. more

TN - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has removed a Utah church official after he was charged with taking photos of a woman undressing in a Tennessee clothing store. more

ID - A 30-year-old Burley man is facing several charges including video voyeurism... According to the charges, the victim family called investigators when they discovered wiring in their basement that went up under a bathroom sink outlet that had a wireless camera attached to it with the lenses installed under the counter top facing the shower. more

SC -Officers were called to La Bamba Mexican Restaurant on South Woody Jones Boulevard (stop snickering) for a voyeurism incident. Police learned that a customer went into the restroom and found a cellphone concealed in the restroom and recording video. more

OH - A former Maumee real estate agent was sentenced to serve six months ... for placing a recording device inside a bathroom and hallway of his Maumee residence — which captured recordings of a 16-year-old and a 19-year-old who lived in the home. more

 TX - A man accused of planting a recording device in a neighbor’s bathroom had 20 terabytes of data, more than 1 million images and multiple victims... the device was determined to be a Phylink brand covert wireless camera. They said this brand of camera is capable of capturing video, audio and can be accessed through a local network. more

FL - Man hid camera in smoke detector... in a room that he only rented out to women; pleads guilty to video voyeurism. more

AR - A convenience store employee found a hidden cellular telephone with the video camera activated beneath and behind the toilet of the restroom. The camera recorded the suspect as he positioned and re-positioned the camera several times. more

UK - A pervert put his mobile phone in a toilet and recorded women in a cubicle inside.
Thomas Stephens recorded himself setting up the camera in the unisex toilet in East Grinstead. more

Canada - A Guelph doctor is facing possible disciplinary action from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario... a hidden camera was allegedly found in a staff washroom at his practice in Mississauga.  more

LA - A New Orleans man faces more than a decade in prison after his conviction for hiding a camera in a bathroom and capturing video of a 16-year-old girl showering. more

KY - A landlord for a Louisville condominium is facing voyeurism charges after a camera was found hidden in a tenant's vent... she discovered a camera hidden in the vent above her bed. Police identified the man in the video as the woman's employer and landlord. more

AZ - A Glendale man was arrested for the second time for allegedly planting a video recording device in a bathroom, this time at a mall ice cream shop. more

VT - A Kimpton Taconic Hotel employee found a cell phone in the corner of a restroom in the hotel's basement level, which is accessible only to employees, according to a police affidavit. more

DC - FBI employee charged with voyeurism after allegedly placing camera under woman's desk...  the woman said she was sitting at her desk, when she switched the position of her legs, and she hit the camera and caused it to hit the ground. more

UK - Police are investigating a second alleged Peeping Tom spying on women on the set of the new James Bond movie. A 49-year-old man was arrested back in June and charged with voyeurism after a recording device was found in a women’s toilet at Pinewood Studios. more

Had enough? Want to protect your restrooms, avoid embarrassing publicity and costly lawsuits? Check out... Spycam Detection in Workplace Expectation of Privacy Areas — Conduct professional forensic investigations to detect covert spy cameras and create a Recording in the Workplace policy.

The Credit Card that Pays for Itself

Confidential Conference Planning
  • You can say no cell phones allowed in the meeting.
  • You can prohibit brief cases and backpacks.
  • You can scan participants for surveillance devices.
But, you probably won't think about having them leave their wallets outside the door, or checking the books on the shelf.

We would. This is just one of the many things we think about at Murray Associates.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Protecting Your Engineering Business from Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is a much more common occurrence than many people realize. 

As a business grows and begins to compete at a higher level, the stakes grow and their corporate secrets become more valuable. It isn’t just other businesses that might want this information, hackers who think they can sell the information will also be sniffing about.

Even if you can’t eliminate the risk entirely, there are certain things you can do to reduce the risk of a security breach in your business. more

A Very Short List...
  • Shred Documents

  • Don’t Print Sensitive Information if You Don’t Have to

  • Keep Your Schematics (designs, strategies, etc.) Under Wraps

  • Keep it Need to Know

and my favorite... 

If you don't look,
you may never know.

Workplace Covert Recording on the Rise

Voice activated recorder. Easy to hide.
South Korean workers fed up with bullying are being increasingly emboldened by a new tougher labor law to secretly record alleged abuse or harassment by their bosses, boosting sales of high-tech audio and video devices.

Gadgets disguised as leather belts, eyeglasses, pens and USB sticks are all proving popular with employees in a country where abusive behavior by people in power is so pervasive that there is a word for it - “gabjil”...

Auto Jungbo Co.’s sales of voice recorders so far this year have doubled to 80 devices per day, Jang said as he forecast sales to also double this calendar year to 1.4 billion won. more

Kevin's Tips for Management

  • Assume your discussions are being recorded.
  • Before proceeding, ask if they are recording.
  • Be professional. If you would not say it in a courtroom, don’t say it.
  • Red Flag – When an employee tries to recreate a previous conversation with you.
  • Have an independent sweep team conduct periodic due diligence debugging inspections.

Create a Workplace Recording Policy

Carrie's on-the-Lam Comment via a Leaked Recording

The embattled leader of Hong Kong was caught on a leaked audio recording reportedly saying she would “quit” if she could after causing “unforgivable havoc,” but on Tuesday reiterated that she hasn’t resigned because it would be the easy way out.

In a press conference, Carrie Lam slammed the audio, recorded during a private meeting with a group of businesspeople, saying it was “unacceptable.”

The recording was published Monday by Reuters. In it, she is heard apparently blaming herself for igniting Hong Kong’s political crisis. more

Kevin's Tips for Management

  • Assume your discussions are being recorded.
  • Before proceeding, ask if they are recording.
  • Be professional. If you would not say it in a courtroom, don’t say it.
  • Red Flag – When an employee tries to recreate a previous conversation with you.
  • Have an independent sweep team conduct periodic due diligence debugging inspections.

Create a Workplace Recording Policy

Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Golf Ball Right Out of Spy vs. Spy

Nissan Motor Co. has developed a golf ball that will help you make a putt with your eyes closed.

As a proof of concept, the carmaker unveiled a video on Tuesday, whereby a toddler taps a ball with his club and makes a putt that would make Tiger Woods’ jaw drop. Here’s how it works... more

The Scarlet Letter: 2019 - Old Spy Tool. New Use.

Ultraviolet ink has been used by spies (secret writing) and TSCM technicians (as tamper detection) for over a century. And now, to brand sexual assailants for groping.

Anti-groping stamp lets victims mark assailants.

The Japanese device is paired with a special lamp that lets its otherwise invisible ink be seen...

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police said 2,620 sexual crimes were reported in 2017, including 1,750 cases of groping, mostly on trains or at stations.

A limited run of 500 devices, which retailed at 2,500 yen (£19.30), sold out within 30 minutes on Tuesday... more

FutureWatch: Additional tech will continue to enhance citizen crime fighting. New technologies will be appropriated. Old technologies, like ultraviolet, will find new uses. 

Just think of what internet search engines, smartphone videos, video doorbells, and covert spy cameras have already accomplished in recent decades. 

I wonder why Gentian Violet in mini spray bottles wasn't thought of first. Instant ID. No UV light necessary.

Has Your Doctor (or other Professional) Downloaded Apps With Microphone Access?

via Robinson & Cole LLP - Linn Foster Freedman

As I always do when talking to people about their phones, I asked them to go into their privacy settings and into the microphone section and see how many apps they have downloaded that asked permission to access the microphone. How many green dots are there? Almost all of them looked up at me with wide eyes and their lips formed a big “O.”...

I am not picking on them—I do the same thing with lawyers, financial advisors and CPAs, and any other professional that has access to sensitive information.

When a professional downloads an app that allows access to the microphone, all of the conversations that you believe are private and confidential are now not private and confidential if that phone is in the room with you. more

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Just Another Week in the World of Spies

China - Yang Hengjun, a well-known Australian writer and democracy activist detained by the Chinese authorities in January, has been formally charged with spying... more

Russia - A Moscow court has ruled to keep an American man and Marine veteran suspected of spying in prison for two more months. The court ruled on Friday to keep Paul Whelan behind bars at least until late October. more 

WWW - Freelance site Fiverr offers illegal private spying services... more

UAE - Why the CIA doesn't spy on the UAE... more

Israel shouldn’t let a little spying undo its economic ties with China, ex-chief analyst argues... more

Iran has sentenced a British-Iranian national to 10 years in jail for spying for Israel... more

China’s spies are waging an intensifying espionage offensive against the United States. more

USA - Patrick Byrne resigned suddenly as CEO of Overstock.com last Thursday, after mounting controversy surrounding his past romantic relationship with alleged Russian agent Maria Butina. Butina is now serving an 18 month prison sentence for conspiring to promote Russian interests through conservative U.S. political groups. more

Australia - Intelligence agencies warn of 'unprecedented scale' of foreign spying within Australia. more

Iran - Environmentalists filming Iran’s endangered cheetahs could be executed for spying. more

India sending spying devices to Pakistan via balloons... more

USA - The spy in your wallet: Credit cards have a privacy problem... In a privacy experiment, we bought one banana with the new Apple Card — and another with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa from Chase. Here’s who tracked, mined and shared our data. more

Book - The Secret World: A History of Intelligence

via By , The New Yorker
The history of espionage is a lesson in paradox: the better your intelligence, the dumber your conduct; the more you know, the less you anticipate.

Is intelligence intelligent? This is the question that runs or, rather, leaps through the mind of the reader struggling with Christopher Andrew’s encyclopedic work “The Secret World: A History of Intelligence” (Yale).

Andrew, who is a longtime history don at Cambridge, begins his book...with one of the most appealing opening lines in recent nonfiction: “The first major figure in world literature to emphasize the importance of good intelligence was God.

The Israelites’ reconnaissance mission to the promised land of Canaan is the first stop in Andrew’s tour of four thousand years of spying; the last is the American failure to anticipate 9/11.

For anyone with a taste for wide-ranging and shrewdly gossipy history—or, for that matter, for anyone with a taste for spy stories—Andrew’s is one of the most entertaining books of the past few years. more

'Complete Control' Hack Allows Audio / Video Spying and More

All Windows users should update immediately as ‘Complete Control’ hack is confirmed.

In case you were underestimating the tool, it can allow a hacker to remoting shutdown or reboot the system, remotely browse files, access and control the Task Manager, Registry Editor, and even the mouse.

Not only that, but the attacker can also open web pages, disable the webcam activity light to spy on the victim unnoticed and capture audio and video.

Since the attacker has full access to the computer, they can also recover passwords and obtain login credentials using a keylogger as well as lock the computer with custom encryption that can act like ransomware. more

Friday, August 23, 2019

Whistle-Blower Charged with Industrial Espionage, or No Good Deed Goes...

A whistle-blower responsible for uncovering one of the biggest cases of tax avoidance in Germany is now prosecuted by Swiss authorities for industrial espionage...

Echart Seith is a lawyer that contributed to uncovering a Swiss bank mechanism that deprived German taxpayer of €12bn...

The 61-year old Seith has now been charged with industrial espionage and his case goes to trial on March 26. If found guilty, he is facing three-and-a-half years in prison. His testimony closed the tax loophole exploited by the Swiss banking industry in 2011...

The question at hand is how Seith got internal bank documents that allowed him to make the case against the Swiss banking system. more