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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Spy Trick # 712 - The Memory Card Ring (Make Your Own!)

Honus, a former bicycle industry designer turned professional jeweler can teach you how to make your own spy ring.  

This is how spies (and corrupt employees) can sneak file cabinets of documentation out of companies, no matter how good their security is. more  
more spy rings

Secret Message Decoder Ring Great Christmas gift

Thursday, December 2, 2021

A New "Mobile" Phone - Complete with No Apps

Ever wish you had a mobile phone that would really turn heads?
One where you could call your friends, real or imaginary?
One that would look at you with loving eyes? 

Your past is now your future...  

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

FutureWatch: Yet Another World's Smallest Camera

Micro-sized cameras have great potential to spot problems in the human body and enable sensing for super-small robots
, but past approaches captured fuzzy, distorted images with limited fields of view.

Now, researchers at Princeton University and the University of Washington have overcome these obstacles with an ultracompact the size of a coarse grain of salt. The new system can produce crisp, on par with a conventional compound camera lens 500,000 times larger in volume, the researchers reported in a paper published Nov. 29 in Nature Communications... 

Heide (Felix Heide, the study's senior author and an assistant professor of computer science at Princeton) and his colleagues are now working to add more computational abilities to the camera itself. Beyond optimizing image quality, they would like to add capabilities for object detection and other sensing modalities relevant for medicine and robotics.

Heide also envisions using ultracompact imagers to create "surfaces as sensors." "We could turn individual surfaces into cameras that have ultra-high resolution, so you wouldn't need three cameras on the back of your phone anymore, but the whole back of your phone would become one giant camera. We can think of completely different ways to build devices in the future," he said. more

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Apple Sues Israeli Spyware Maker

Apple sued the NSO Group, the Israeli surveillance company, in federal court on Tuesday, another setback for the beleaguered firm and the unregulated spyware industry.

The lawsuit is the second of its kind — Facebook sued NSO in 2019 for targeting its WhatsApp users — and another consequential move by a private company to curb invasive spyware by governments and the companies that provide their spy tools.

Apple, for the first time, seeks to hold NSO accountable for what it says was the surveillance and targeting of Apple users. more

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

FutureWatch - Spycam Detection using Phone Time-of-Flight Sensors

"Sriram Sami, Bangjie Sun, and Sean Rui Xiang Tan, from National University of Singapore, and Jun Han from Yonsei University, describe how this might be done in a paper [PDF] titled "LAPD: Hidden Spy Camera Detection using Smartphone Time-of-Flight Sensors"... 

...smartphones are commonplace these days, so adding an app like LAPD is likely to be more convenient than carrying a dedicated bug or signal detector at all times. LAPD's goal is to be accessible, usable, and accurate, and to judge by the results reported in the paper, it hits those marks...

"The 'attackers' have all the power to place hidden cameras anywhere, and the public is, in contrast, generally defenseless," he explained. "That's why we're doing this work, and why we hope hidden camera detection can become more commonplace." Sami said he intends to release the source code for LAPD but has to coordinate that with his colleagues." more

3G Cell Phone Service - The End is Near

All of the major cellphone carriers — AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile — are planning to shut their older 3G networks in 2022. Like millions of people in the United States who use 3G phones and other 3G devices, you will have to buy a new device if you want to text, make calls or even reach 911...

The shutdown dates start in January 2022 and are spread out throughout the year. more

  • Sprint’s 3G: Jan. 1, 2022
  • AT&T’s 3G: Feb. 22, 2022
  • Sprint’s LTE: June 30, 2022
  • Verizon’s 3G: Dec. 31, 2022
  • T-Mobile’s 2G and 3G: Not yet announced
 Also a bummer for all those folks that are using 2G & 3G cellular bugging devices.

Corporate Security News: Employees Offered $$$ for Planting Ransomware

In August, KrebsOnSecurity warned that scammers were contacting people and asking them to unleash ransomware inside their employer's network, in exchange for a percentage of any ransom amount paid by the victim company. This week, authorities in Nigeria arrested a suspect in connection with the scheme -- a young man who said he was trying to save up money to help fund a new social network. more

New Holographic Camera Can See Around Corners – Or Inside Your Skull

It sounds like something out of Star Trek: the doctor aims a camera at your chest, and a computer generates a hologram of your heart and blood vessels. She enlarges the image and takes a look at some of your smallest capillaries, each beautifully rendered in sub-millimeter detail. 

But thanks to a team at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, that may soon be a reality. They’ve created a prototype technology capable of seeing around corners and through everything from fog to the human skull. Their results are published in the journal Nature Communications...

“Our technology will usher in a new wave of imaging capabilities,” he said. “Our current sensor prototypes use visible or infrared light, but the principle is universal and could be extended to other wavelengths. For example, the same method could be applied to radio waves for space exploration or underwater acoustic imaging.”...

“It’s like we can plant a virtual computational camera on every remote surface to see the world from the surface’s perspective,” explained Florian Willomitzer, first author of the study. “This technique turns walls into mirrors.”...

It can be applied to many areas, and we have only scratched the surface,” he added. more

Just think of the benefits to the CIA... 
and eventually the trickle down to corporate espionage types.


Monday, November 22, 2021

RedCurl Corporate Espionage Hackers Return

A corporate cyber-espionage hacker group has resurfaced after a seven-month hiatus with new intrusions targeting four companies this year, including one of the largest wholesale stores in Russia, while simultaneously making tactical improvements to its toolset in an attempt to thwart analysis.

"In every attack, the threat actor demonstrates extensive red teaming skills and the ability to bypass traditional antivirus detection using their own custom malware," Group-IB's Ivan Pisarev said. 

Active since at least November 2018, the Russian-speaking RedCurl hacking group has been linked to 30 attacks to date with the goal of corporate cyber espionage and document theft aimed at 14 organizations spanning construction, finance, consulting, retail, insurance, and legal sectors and located in the U.K., Germany, Canada, Norway, Russia, and Ukraine. more

Israel Accuses Defence Minister's Household Staffer of Espionage

In a statement, the Shin Bet security service said the suspect corresponded with the unnamed person over social media. It said he provided photographs taken in the house as proof he had access and proposing installing malware on Gantz's computer.

Tensions run high between Iran and Israel over Tehran's nuclear programme and what Israeli officials describe as its military entrenchment and support of Israel's enemies in the region.

The Shin Bet said the suspect, who performed housekeeping and cleaning tasks in Gantz's residence, was indicted on espionage charges by a court in Lod, a city near Tel Aviv. It said he was arrested after an investigation earlier this month. more

Britney Spears' Attorney Seeking Possible Eavesdropping Evidence

Mathew Rosengart fired off a letter to Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group earlier this week repeating his demand for them to turn over a bunch of documents. Specifically, he's investigating exactly how Lou Taylor's company ran Britney's life financially and otherwise.

Rosengart's concern goes beyond money, though. He's also keyed in on the allegation Tri Star had a hand in spying on Britney by placing listening devices in her bedroom, as reported in the most recent NY Times documentary about Brit and the conservatorship.

He claims that reporting is more than enough to warrant Britney's desire to comb through any and all Tri Star docs related to the alleged electronic surveillance. more

Philly Cheesey Stakeout Comes Up Dry



Wiretapping Quote of the Week
Six years of wiretapping and this is what the Feds got? Cue Peggy Lee singing “Is that All There Is?"
~ Tom Cardella



Monday, November 8, 2021

Corporate Espionage: Executive Chairman Covertly Spycam'ed Meeting with Competitor.

JD Sports Fashion has launched an investigation into who covertly filmed Peter Cowgill, the group’s executive chairman, meeting his opposite number at Footasylum in a possible breach of competition rules. 

Britain’s biggest retailer of trainers is understood to believe that the meeting between Cowgill and Barry Bown, executive chairman of Footasylum, was filmed by a competitor keen to see JD’s £90 million takeover of its smaller rival blocked by the competition watchdog. more

This Week in Spy News

  • German investigators probe riddle of the spy who fell from a window. more

  • Apparent spy campaign targeting defense and other sectors uncovered. more

  • Chinese convicted of spying on US aviation industry. more

  • Beijing says U.S. spying charges against Chinese citizen 'pure fabrication' more

  • (Football) Pat Narduzzi calls former Pitt player Carson Van Lynn ‘a spy’ more

  • Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Denies Bugging Her Bedroom more

  • Muslims Are Suing The FBI For Spying on OC Mosques more

  • 77% of rootkits are used for espionage purposes. more

  • FBI Observer Says China-linked Economic Espionage Cases Jumped By 1300% In Past 10 Years more

  • Parsons Corporation hiring Counterintelligence TSCM Officer/Technical Surveillance more

  • Vickers & Nolan hiring Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Specialist Level II more

  • Utahn working with DEA tried to tip off suspect that phone was bugged, prosecutors say. more

  • Former elementary school principal faces indictment for spycam voyeurism. more

  • Spy cam in washroom of a private school in Karachi. more

  • ‘My phone is eavesdropping on me’: How we are being spied on, but not in the way you imagin. more

  •  Former MI6 Spy Shares Her Secret of Living to 110: Lots of Red Wine more

A Veterans Day Salute to Radio Eavesdroppers & Code Breakers

At age 97, Marjorie Stetson has never told anyone her secret code number — until now.

That's the identity code — 225 — that she typed on every page of her highly classified work for the Canadian Armed Forces during the Second World War.

The retired sergeant's wartime work was so covert, she said, she had to sign 15 separate copies of Canada's Official Secrets Act...

"She was on the front line of the radio war," said military historian David O'Keefe, who studies Second World War code breaking and signals intelligence...

Stetson used a radio receiver to intercept Japanese army and air force communications. She used a special typewriter to transcribe the Japanese codes she heard. Those number-filled documents were sent to code breakers in the U.S. and sometimes England, said O'Keefe — giving the Allies an intelligence edge in the Pacific region. more