Saturday, April 28, 2012

SpyCam Story #659 - This Week in SpyCam News

SpyCam stories have become commonplace and the techniques used, repetitive. We continue to keep lose track of the subject for statistical purposes, but won't bore you with too many details. Only links to the stories will be supplied unless there is something useful to be learned.

AZ - School principal and assistant caught passionately kissing via student cell phone.
Australia - Father jailed for hidden camera in the bathroom where his daughters showered.
CA - Maintenance man at Sears arrested for allegedly filming women in changing rooms.
Internet - Spycam Magazine - A new magazine focusing on hidden and spycam products.
FL - Teacher accused of using a pen camera to video girls changing for gym.
UK - Man rigged up a spy camera to secretly watch a teenage girl in the bath.
IN - Notre Dame pen SpyCam Man escapes jail time.
UK - Man convicted of using spycam pen in toilet.
WA - Voyeurism evidence against father-in-law of missing mother Susan Powell admitted.
CA - York University - At least six incidents of voyeurism this year on campus.
ID - Former high school teacher made plea deal he secretly videotaped students
FL  - Man accused of cellphone video of women in Target, Walmart and Publix.
IN - Mom files half-million dollar lawsuit against a former high school janitor accused of secretly filming her son and 41 other boys in a school locker room
UK - Web designer who spied on three young women given a community order.
IN - High school basketball player charged. Cell phone video in the locker room.
MS - Complainant found videos of herself fully naked of her taking a bath on computer.
TN - A 33-year-old Baptist youth evangelist investigated in three states for video voyeurism.