Saturday, June 30, 2012

So, how much can you make as an industrial spy?

Japan - Police have arrested two former employees of a Kawasaki-based machine tool maker on suspicion of duplicating confidential blueprints and smuggling them to a Chinese company. 

Industrial espionage: Confidential blueprints from Yoshizuka Seiki Co. in Kawasaki allegedly ended up in the hands of a Chinese company. KYODO 

Seiichi Furuya, 48, and Fumiaki Inoue, 57, were taken into custody Wednesday after allegedly copying blueprints belonging to Yoshizuka Seiki Co...

The Chinese company, a major press maker based in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, was found to have deposited about ¥42 million ($526,183.91) in Inoue's bank account, some ¥38 million ($476,071.16) of which was credited to an account held by Furuya, the police said.