Thursday, September 11, 2014

You Like Business Class. Trade Secrets Like USB Class.

TX - A state district judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Houston-based Schlumberger Ltd. against a former employee who had left the company for a vice president job at a rival oilfield services company, Baker Hughes Inc.

Schlumberger had accused former employee Humair Shaikh of allegedly stealing trade secrets, but the two parties have reached a settlement...

The initial lawsuit alleged that Shaikh had violated confidentiality and noncompete agreements by taking trade secrets on four different USB drives when he left. (more

Business espionage goes undiscovered, ignored, swept under the carpet, and settled out of court all the time. 

Espionage is difficult to stop without a real commitment to protection. 

The common thread is that the stolen digital data often travels via USB memory sticks, and this is preventable. We can show you how.