Monday, April 6, 2015

The World Wrestles with the Spycam Epidemic

India - After Human Resources Development Smriti Irani claims to have detected a CCTV camera facing towards a FabIndia trial* room in Goa, many shops are now being inspected to ensure that no such cameras are found inside changing rooms...

A spy camera can be fitted in the smoke detector, electrical switch and almost in any item usually found in a trial room. 

Spy camera retailer Parminder Singh said, "Spy cameras can be fitted even in the fire extinguisher."

But the sophistication of these cameras and the huge variety in which they come in have reached makes it becomes difficult for a common man to detect a hidden camera with a naked eye.

While spy cam detectors are available in the market, their effectiveness is unreliable. more

* In India, a "trial room" is a changing room in a clothing store.