Monday, May 4, 2015

Spy Babe - Computer Harpie or Siren - You Decide

Canada - A Quebec woman is facing criminal charges for allegedly taking over people's computers remotely, spying on them through their web cameras and harassing them through their computer speakers. 

Valérie Gignac, 27, was released on bail today on the condition that she not use a computer or have access to the internet...

Investigators allege the suspect used malicious software to spy on people through their web cameras.

Police also say Gignac eavesdropped on private conversations, communicated with victims through their computer speakers and logged onto extreme pornography websites...

Investigators believe the victims included children in Canada and abroad, and say there could be more victims.

They also say Gignac is the owner of an online hacking forum that has 35,000 users worldwide. more sing-a-long