Sunday, June 14, 2015

This Month's Spy World Fails

A former police intelligence chief is required to serve up to 860 years in prison in a wiretapping case, in which he has been found guilty of wiretapping 48 people, including several government officials, journalists, judiciary personnel and businessmen. more  

China's ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang has been jailed for life - the most senior politician to face corruption charges under Communist rule. more

Pigeon arrested and jailed after police believe it’s a Pakistani spy. The would-be feathered James Bond was taken to a police station by a 14-year-old, after he discovered a mysterious note attached to the animal – which was written in Urdu and listed a Pakistani phone number. more

The former chief of the feared spy agency responsible for kidnapping, torturing and killing thousands during Chile's military dictatorship has accumulated 500 years in prison sentences. more

Paris court sentences Gilbert Chikli to prison in absentia for bamboozling 33 banks and companies in France out of millions by passing himself off as a CEO or intelligence agent. more (FutureWatch - Coming to a theater near you.)

Accused spy Thomas Rukavina killed himself Friday evening in his Plum home, but the federal probe involving industrial trade secrets, Chinese espionage and possible co-conspirators here and abroad continues. more

A Russian citizen who worked in Manhattan as a banker asked a federal judge June 11 to toss out charges that he participated in a Cold War-style Russian spy ring. Lawyers for Evgeny Buryakov, who remains in jail after his arrest in January, said the case should be disallowed despite an avalanche of video and audio recordings of his alleged spying activities collected by prosecutors. more

Care to reconsider your dream of becoming a spy?