Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Corporate Espionage that Flies Below the Radar

by Kevin G. Coleman, SilverRhino
Headlines about economic, corporate and industrial espionage have been in abundance lately and for good reason... Several subject matter experts agree that much of these espionage activities that target businesses are criminal-based.

Recently while on the executive floor of one large company a new twist to espionage tradecraft popped up.

Drone at office window story.
After entering a conference room, a note on the whiteboard caught my attention: “DO NOT ERASE.” Seeing that on a whiteboard filled with financial numbers, notes, diagrams and so on is not an uncommon occurrence. When I was looking out the windows, I saw a drone slowly fly by. Given the camera capabilities that are now available and becoming common on drones, it would not be difficult to capture what was on those whiteboards. The images are digitally captured, cropped, enhanced extracted and then sold...

Today economic, corporate and industrial espionage is big business. With significant money being made selling corporate secrets, this threat will only grow. more