Thursday, January 14, 2016

EU Law - Yes, the boss can spy on you... and what you can do about it. (updated)

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that your boss has the right to spy on you at work.

Europe’s top human rights court ordered the handover of transcripts of private conversations by a Romanian worker on Yahoo Messenger. In this case, the employer had warned staff in its company policy that their devices were only to be used for work.

They argued: “It proved that he had used the company’s computer for his own private purposes during working hours.”

But lawyers told the Independent that your employer doesn't have to give you warning before monitoring your private correspondence. "Within the UK you can conduct monitoring without employee consent," said Paula Barrett, partner, head of privacy, at Eversheds. more

UPDATE - No, the European Court of Human Rights did NOT just greenlight spying on employees
The press has got itself carried away with a European court ruling on a labour dispute: workers' private communications are safe. more

Read both articles and decide for yourself. ~Kevin