Thursday, February 4, 2016

15,000+ People Get Paid by Their Eavesdropper

People will turn their smartphones into spying devices for just $5/month

Symphony Advanced Media, founded in 2010, has recruited over 15,000 people to be part of its “panel of media insiders.”

They downloaded an app from Symphony that collects a ton of information from their smartphones, and turns on their microphones every minute for 5-6 seconds to see what they’re watching on their TV or computer. Here’s how Symphony describes on its website what it knows about each individual in its panel:

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The data sucked up from panelists’ phones includes where they are; their Internet traffic; their search keywords; which mobile apps they use and for how long; how many calls, emails and texts they send; and, of course, what they’re watching on network or digital TV. In exchange for having everything they do on their phone spied on, panelists are paid $5/month—not in cash, but in the form of points on more