Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Looking to Rent a Bedroom Without a Spy Camera?

$850 Room and bath in an Irvine condo without spying camera

In my two bedroom two bathroom brand new luxury condo, you rent a room and bath without any crazy person watching your every move in the name of security.

Also, im not poor so i dont have to charge you a huge deposit to pay for my mortgage and then file bankruptcy and not return your deposit. I dont have to check your credit by illegally getting your social security number. I am not a creepy home owner and will not deny you access to kitchen and laundry.

The only requirement is if you are decent, are respectful and considerate and we meet and find each other acceptable. No age, race, culture requirement but women are preferred. If interested email me so we meet like two adults that we are. You need a room and i need money. (Craigslist)