Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Inventor Builds Invisible iPhone Screen for Covert Viewing

A Kurdish inventor builds a secret screen for the iPhone that enables only the user to see the contents by wearing special glasses.

It's a problem many of us have faced - how to stop prying eyes peeking at what's on our phone screen But an inventor in Turkey claims to have solved it Celal Goger has invented a secrecy screen that turns iPhones invisible. Only the wearer of these glasses can see the screen. The magic is in a chip that enables the glasses to communicate with the phone...

"The mobile's screen is completely white, nothing can be seen, you can't see the menu. He gave me the glasses and, when I put them on, I saw the complete menu. If I had this on my mobile, nobody would see what I'm looking at or which apps I'm using when I'm commuting."

His next plan is to invent a nanochip that can fit any glasses and turn the screen visible or invisible with a single button. more