Friday, November 18, 2016

China Secretly Spying on Android Devices

According to Cybersecurity firm Kryptowire, some Android phones, including those from American phone manufacturer BLU, are being preinstalled with software that monitors where users go, who they call, and what they text. The information is then sent back to Chinese servers.

A software dedicated to spying on users is the trojan horse hidden inside some phones manufactured in China. Kryptowire, a Cybersecurity consulting firm, has released a report stating that such malware is being used to gather sensitive information such as GPS locations, text messages, etc. to send back to Chinese servers every 72 hours.

The piece of code has been lurking inside the Android operative system. As such, the program managed to conceal itself from the user’s perspective.

Tom Karygiannis from Kryptowire revealed that the malicious program was created by the Chinese company Adups, with the sole purpose of spying, stating that it isn’t the result of an error. Karygiannis said that the malware’s goal may be is to perform state espionage or to merely to sell advertising data....

Adups has over 700 million active users, and a market share exceeding 70% across 200+ countries and regions. 

The company’s software is used in phones, cars, and other devices. American phone manufacturer, BLU Products, said that 120,000 of its phones had been affected, promptly stating that it had released an update to remove Adups’ spyware. more