Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is Your Printer Spying on You? Good!

Privacy advocates are enraged that many printer manufacturers have cooperated with the Secret Service by adding identifying marks to every page that exits their printers.

The MIT Media Lab has even set up a
special web site that explains the process and encourages people to complain to the printer manufacturers.

"This is a direct attack on the privacy of the owners and users of printers, and in particular, on their right to free, anonymous speech." MIT Media Lab

Good point. I'm all for privacy, but stop and think. There is an upside to this; especially for my commercial and government clients. People who want to keep their information private and secure now have one more brick in the security wall. Exclusively employing these printers makes it just a little more difficult for insiders to engage in espionage and information theft.

Stolen intellectual property
(via printing or photocopying) can now be tracked and prosecuted more easily.

Persons who want to counterfeit, or publish anonymously, still have other means to accomplish their goals. ~Kevin