Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alert - Throw These Bums Out!

Bum One...
The FM analog wireless presenter's microphone – one of the Top 5 corporate eavesdropping threats. Why?
No secret. Radio waves travel. A quarter mile is the advertised standard. Interception of an FM analog signal is easy. Safer solutions exist. Throw these bums out. (Murray Associates - Case History)

Bum Two..
Any meeting planner who still uses FM analog wireless microphones for your sensitive presentations or meetings. Educate them. Give them a chance to change. If they don't, your sensitive meetings become Town Hall Meetings. Throw these bums out.

Bum Three...
Any security director or security consultant who does not point out the dangers of FM analog wireless microphones. They have an obligation to stand up to meeting planners and
AV crews. They have an obligation to recommend one of the several, more secure, options available. If they don't. Throw these bums out.

Bum Four...
These days, any AV production company that doesn't invest in digital, encrypted wireless microphones for their clients is stupidly cheap. For years, they hid behind excuses like "digital technology is not reliable enough," and "it lacks fidelity." Those days are over.

You pay these guys hundreds of thousands each year to produce your corporate events. The least they can do is update their equipment (a one-time investment).

They KNOW they are leaking your sensitive/secret information when they continue to use FM analog wireless microphones. Not upgrading to secure communications is negligence on their part. Demand secure wireless microphones, or... throw these bums out.

The New Wireless Mics Can Make Your Meetings More Secure.
Some even have encryption capabilities!

The Newest Solution...
SpectraPulse™ Ultra Wideband (UWB) Wireless Microphone System

Additional Digital Choices...
Lectrosonics (...and an Encryption White Paper)
Mipro ACT-82
Telex SAFE-1000

Infrared Choices...
Glonetic Audio