Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"How Real is the Risk of Corporate Espionage Today?"

via Security Director's Report (04/09) Vol. 2009, No. 4...
Globalization has resulted in an increased threat of corporate espionage.
There are a variety of risks that companies are currently facing. Espionage exists in all industries, but those that are in the high-tech sector will face the most exposure.

Businesses also should be careful of foreign-government spying and U.S. companies that outsource data to India should be mindful of industrial espionage by the country's businesses. Many more competitive intelligence units have been created in order to spy on competitors, especially because it is now much easier to do so.

Spy devices, such as GPS tracking systems and listening devices, as well as Ethernet over Power
(sic) help spies find information.

In addition to facing outside risk,
companies are simply vulnerable to espionage. Physical defenses are poor and many spies have successfully paid internal employees to steal company data. However, there are solutions to espionage. (more)