Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"MAV" The Scariest SiFi Movie You'll See this Year

FutureWatch - Air Force Bugbots - Micro Air Vehicle (MAVs). (Trailer)

The term micro air vehicle (MAV) or micro aerial vehicle refers to a type of unmanned air vehicle (UAV) that is remotely controlled. Today's MAVs are significantly smaller than those previously developed, with target dimensions reaching a maximum of approximately 15 centimetres (six inches). Development of insect-size aircraft is reportedly expected in the near future. Potential military use is one of the driving factors of development, although MAVs are also being used commercially and in scientific, police and mapping applications. Another promising area is remote observation of hazardous environments that are inaccessible to ground vehicles. Because these aircraft are often in the same size range as radio-controlled models, they are increasingly within the reach of amateurs, who are making their own MAVs for aerial robotics contests and aerial photography.

Finally, a movie that beats Runaway (released in 1984, of course) for bugbot creepiness. ~Kevin