Sunday, January 31, 2010

Business Espionage - Government Bugs Taps & Hacks

UK - The security service MI5 has accused China of bugging and burgling UK business executives and setting up “honeytraps” in a bid to blackmail them into betraying sensitive commercial secrets...

The warning to British businessmen adds: “Hotel rooms in major Chinese cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, which are frequented by foreigners, are likely to be bugged ... hotel rooms have been searched while the occupants are out of the room.”  

It warns that British executives are being targeted in China and in other countries. “During conferences or visits to Chinese companies you may be given gifts such as USB devices or cameras. There have been cases where these ‘gifts’ have contained Trojan devices and other types of malware.” (more)

The Bigger Picture - Many countries engage in business espionage. Bug and wiretap attacks happen more in the business's country than in the spying country – that's where the strategic conversations are held. If your organization does not have a coherent counterespionage strategy yet, consult with a specialist before your pockets are picked, and your executives fall victim to blackmail. Good start... Regularly scheduled inspections of your offices for electronic surveillance devices an espionage vulnerabilities.