Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Trash, The Man and The Bird

Dude, just don't tell him about the hummingbird with the built-in camera. It would break his heart. 

India - An MTech student of Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur has come up with an `ornithopter' (mechanical bird) made out of scrap that is not only capable of flapping its mechanical wings just like birds but can also be used for spying. The bird, if fitted with cameras, can take pictures of enemy terrains. 

The `ornithopter' is in the shape of an eagle and is one metre long.

Joydeep Bhowmik, MTech first year student of IIT-Kanpur, who has made the mechanical bird, said that a smaller version of the mechanical bird can be used for spying purposes. (more) (sing-a-long)