Friday, February 4, 2011

The Rising Star of Industrial Espionage

It goes out the door in many ways.
Industrial espionage is being catapulted to a position of great relevance to many of the world’s top companies as technological change becomes of growing importance to business performance. Companies across the world are increasingly interested in gaining access to their competitors’ secrets as early as possible in the development cycle for new products and services.

There is ... more globalisation and the players are more ... in competition. The more competition, the more crime,” says Olivier Buquen, head of the Economic Intelligence Office in Paris, a bureau of 12 experts created in 2009 to co-ordinate French corporate intelligence efforts.

According to Dane Chamarro, managing director for North Asia at Control Risks, a security group, industrial espionage affects many more sectors than high-profile activities such as computers, cars and telecoms. “Virtually any company with high levels of research and development and where technology has an impact on the product faces some kind of threat,” he says.

The chief executive of one of the world’s biggest aerospace and defence groups says that in his industry, “industrial espionage is a problem now and it will be even more in the future”. (more)