Monday, July 4, 2011

Why Businesses Conduct Checks for Bugging Devices - Reason #43

Reason #43 - Anyone can build or buy a bug with the help of the Internet.
Here are a few examples...

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Record Telephone Conversations By Building This "Bugging" Equipment - by Swagatam

 "The circuit of a simple FM transmitter described in the article, when integrated with a telephone line, very interestingly starts transmitting all the conversations made over it. Moreover it doesn’t require any external power for the purpose.

At times many of you must have felt the need of spying on somebody’s conversation over the telephone and wondered how to bug a telephone.

Morally it won’t be correct to eavesdrop on an individual’s personal discussion, but through electronics you can always and every time find a way of fulfilling your wishes no matter whether the act is ethical or not.

Though I won’t recommend using the present circuit for listening to somebody’s private talks, it can rather be used as a fun gadget for broadcasting a telephone conversation over the FM radio." (more)

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Now Hear This - The bible of bugging schematics.

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Business Counterespionage Strategy.