Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eavesdrop on the boss to aid promotion chances? Probably not a good idea, especially if your boss is the police commissioner.

 S. Korea - On Wednesday a Cyber investigation team at Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency sought a warrant for the arrest of “Jeong,” a 47-year-old superintendent at the same agency, on suspicion of secretly installing a recording program on the agency commissioner’s computer and recording his conversations and telephone calls.

Jeong is suspected of entering the commissioner’s office, on the seventh floor of the DMPA headquarters building, in the evening of December 14, installing recording and remote control software on a computer connected to an outside network and setting it up to automatically create recorded files, then using the computer in his own office to connect to that of the commissioner and downloading 320 files recorded up to December 17. “It appears that Jeong, who was promoted to the position of superintendent in 2006, did this in order to learn of the newly-appointed commissioner’s tendencies and personal relationships when Jeong became a candidate for promotion to senior superintendent next year.”

Police stated that, on December 16, the commissioner found it strange that his computer ran slower. He gave an order to his secretary’s office to inspect it. The main body of the computer was replaced, but Jeong entered the commissioner’s office again on the same evening and installed the remote control and other software again. (more)