Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Security Quote of the Day - Smartphones, the Next Target

We’ve gotten to that perfect crossing point where all of the things which have prevented criminals from leaping into the wireless space have been eroded,” —Gareth Maclachlan, COO of security firm AdaptiveMobile

The bottom line: It’s now easier than ever for spammers to make money off wireless devices. 

Why the concern?

 “If I can infect your device by getting you to download an app, or push you to a link that cracks your phone and infects your OS, I can get your phone to make extra calls to a premium rate number which I own, or send an premium SMS or short code I’m renting through a shell company, and start taking money out of your pocket,” he says.

Criminal groups release malicious apps that get devices to send out calls and texts to premium numbers without the user’s knowledge. The charges may go unnoticed or a customer may contest the fees and the operator has to eat the charge, leaving the spammers with a neat profit.

Security Tips from the book: Is My Cell Phone Bugged?
• Don't jailbreak your smartphone.
• Password protect your smartphone.
• Don't click on links sent by email spammers.
• Never loan your phone.
• Don't load an app unless you appsolutely need it, and know it is safe.