Saturday, January 7, 2012

Killers who shot dead debt collector jailed after he 'bugged' his own murder

You can't make this stuff up...
UK - Two lovers were jailed yesterday after their murder victim 'bugged' his own clothing (apparently using a cell phone) before his brutal death. Scott Davidson, 23, was sentenced to life imprisonment whilst his 19-year-old girlfriend Rachel Horton will serve eight years in a young offenders' institution.

Martin Ithell, 49, was shot and stabbed in the neck eight times after he was invited round by the pair to collect an outstanding £26,000 loan with the pair oblivious to the recording device he had strapped to his body.

As Ithell’s friends eavesdropped round the corner from the couple’s house, they heard Mr Ithell ask them: 'Hi, have you been doing some painting?' before a shot rang out and the line went dead. (more)