Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SpyCam Story #628 - How to Push a Perv's Hot Button

An on-line review via The Nerd Gereration
"This is the coolest spy gadget I have ever used. This tiny keychain fob poses as an automatic door unlock/panic for a car. In actuality it is a tiny albeit powerful camera capable of snapping photographs at 640 x 480 resolution and recording video in AVI format. I figured the photos and video I got with this little device would be blurry and useless in real world spying practices.

I took the camera out on a couple secret missions and compiled a plethora of photographs and video files. When I arrived at my home base I plugged the device into my computer and downloaded the files from the 4 GB micro SD card (a small cable allows xfer without worrying about a card reader).

I was absolutely floored with the quality of images and video this camera took!  

I figured the video would not have any audio, but there it was! Crisp and clear! How is this possible? Technology my friends… and it’s awesome." (more)

Security Director Alert — Use of these inexpensive, yet high-quality devices in restrooms, employees showers and changing areas is now a serious workplace issue. The lawsuits are just beginning to roll out.

You are the deep pockets in this scenario, and just one spycam can spawn dozens of employee lawsuits.

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Solution — Your organization needs to show pro-active due diligence. Conduct periodic inspections of your facilities. Call us for further advice and pricing.