Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"How Much Is Your Privacy Worth?"

"How Much Is Your Privacy Worth?" just opened at The Dutch Museum of Communications located in The Hague, Netherlands.

Illustrator and graphic designer Noma Bar designed this and other posters for the museum, which conducted research into the theme of privacy for its latest exhibition.
...the museum conducted an official survey, the results of which are now displayed in the museum and on its website. They also conducted a series of street interviews. Bar used some of the findings to create the posters. 

The following is a little cryptic due to Google's translation abilities, but you'll get the idea...

"The Museum for Communication pays special attention to the issue of privacy. Ruigrok research was commissioned by the museum research into the value of privacy among the Dutch public. Following this study, street interviews. The street interviews are presented in the museum, including exhibitions in the WE Blog, the Empire of back and forth Letter Secrets is the theme.
Of course, also to the visitor the question "How much is your privacy worth?" Made. In exchange for personal information they receive discounts on admission."