Friday, May 18, 2012

Password Evaluation Program Will Surprise You

Think your password is effective. You might just want to test it and think again.

Passfault evaluates the strength of passwords accurately enough to predict the time to crack. It makes creating passwords and password policies significantly more intuitive and simple. 

When setting a password, Passfault examines the password, looking for common patterns. Passfault than measures the strength of the patterns and combinations of patterns. The end result is a more academic and accurate measurement of password strength. (more) (test your password)

You might think a password like 123!@#qweQWE would provide excellent protection. Wrongo. It can be cracked in a day according to Passfault. Why? Because it contains a readily identifiable pattern of keystrokes. Now try something easy to remember like ToBeOrNotToBe. Surprised? Thought so. ~Kevin