Friday, January 4, 2013

Released: SpyWarn - Android Smartphone Anti-Spyware App

SpyWarn the simple-to-use forensic evaluation tool, used to check Android cell phones for spyware. Its unique forensic methodology makes it impossible to miss active spyware. 

SpyWarn™ begins with a FREE diagnostic survey – like a private consultation with a forensic expert. 

Based on your answers, a vulnerability Threat Level for your phone is computed.

If your Threat Level is low, there is little need to worry. Keep the app handy for future tests. If the Threat Level is medium to high, conduct further testing with SpyWarn PRO (an in-app upgrade). 

Additional features found in SpyWarn PRO:
• Automated analysis of key internal phone functions affected by spyware.
• An eBook version of, "Is My Cell Phone Bugged? Everything you need to know to keep your mobile communications private." (152 pages, $17.95 in hardcover.)
• An automatic Eavesdropping Alert function.
• Data and power statistics.
• A data & power graph.
• A history of every analysis you conduct.

Other "spyware detection" apps only scan for known spyware files. New or well hidden spyware is missed. SpyWarn's unique forensic methodology makes it impossible to miss active spyware. Available at Google Play. (more)