Thursday, May 9, 2013

CONTEST (ENDED) - Who Is This Man?

We have a winner! Congratulations!!
Answer below.

• Born 1897.
• Died 1973.
• Expert wiretapper. 
• Good high speed driver. 
• Sharpshooter.
• Last known occupation: Security Officer, National Airlines, Miami, FL.
• Initials: PWR
• Co-author of a book about the part of his career for which he is famous. Claimed his boss was portrayed on TV as too flattering.

Excellent prize of our choice from the Spybusters Countermeasures Compound vault. ~Kevin 

This is Paul Wenzel Robsky, the last of The Untouchables.

Birth: Oct. 16, 1897, Illinois, USA
Death: Nov. 1, 1973, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA

Paul was the only child of Theodore and Martha (Ellis) Robsky. He grew up in Galesburg, Illinois. Martha died when Paul was just a child. He married Louise B Bargeron and they had a daughter, Ena. Paul and Louise were later divorced and he married Helene R. Frame in Jan 1956.

Paul served in the military from Nov 7, 1917 until March 22, 1927. By 1928, he was a Prohibition Agent hunting bootleggers in the hills around Greenville, South Carolina. He was well known for his fast driving and sharpshooting skills. He made such an impression that in 1930, he was handpicked to join a band of lawmen in Chicago who became known as The Untouchables. He was an expert at wire-tapping and Elliot Ness called him "a good man to have around when more than ordinary courage was needed." Paul spent his last years in Florida and was the last living of The Untouchables.

His news photo, shown above, is available here...

His book, The Last of the Untouchables is also still available, as is the 1957 edition of The Untouchables, by Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley.