Thursday, May 9, 2013

Privacy Journal Book - Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws 2013

Privacy Journal announced their Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws 2013 is now available for sale. This new book replaces the 2002 book and all subsequent supplements in one consolidated hard copy edition, 80 pages, ISBN is 9780930072568.

This new book includes new privacy laws on demands for social-media passwords by employers and universities, use of credit reports by employers, new tracking technologies, new state restrictions on use and disclosure of Social Security numbers, plus updated chapters on credit reporting, medical, financial, testing in employment, insurance, government information, and much more, grouped by categories and listed alphabetically by states. Descriptions of state, federal, and Canadian laws are included.

There is an electronic edition that you may store it in your computer and search later by key words and states. $51 for both hard copy and pdf version ordered at the same time. Pdf only, $26.50. Hard copy only, $35 (includes shipping). Or, Discounts for five or more units ordered at one time.