Sunday, November 3, 2013

When Paranoids Collide they Blow the Whistle on Tea Kettles

Customs agents in Russia found tea kettles and irons bugged with tiny Spyware chips that exploit WiFi connections, reports a local news outlet coming out of St. Petersburg.

According to Gizmodo, the microchips are capable of spreading spam and malware to WiFi-enabled devices within 200 meters.  Specific details of the dodgy shipments remain shady...

Simon Sharwood of The Register reports that it is indeed possible to build a spambot small enough to fit inside of a kettle, as the necessary components are small and cheap enough...

One question remains unanswered, however: why would China send bugged tea kettles to spy on the ordinary tea-drinkers of Russia?

Gizmodo suggests that perhaps local authorities were mistaken about their findings, pointing out that WiFi tea kettles already exist.

Business Insider speculates that if the kettles are bugged, it could very well be a test for larger operations to plant such microchips.

We'll let you weave your own intricate conspiracy theory. (more)