Friday, December 13, 2013

The Road to Farewellville

A police department in Battle Creek, Michigan is being sued by one former officer and two currently employed cops who say their superiors secretly installed a surveillance camera in the woman’s locker at a local precinct...

According to the claim, Inspector Maria Alonso of the department’s Internal Affairs Division was told in late 2012 that there had been instances of theft occurring in the women’s’ locker room of the Battle Creek Police Department. Upon approval of her superiors, Alonso installed a surveillance camera in the room sometime the following January and used evidence obtained by it to allegedly implicate a plaintiff in the case of robbing co-workers by rifling through their lockers.

Plaintiff Laurie Gillespie was shown the video shortly after and, according to the complaint, was depicted in the clip “going through at least two open lockers” while in uniform... She was ultimately terminated less than two months later. (more)