Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Corporate Espionage Story

A cautionary tale...
Years ago, a restaurant owner told me how he collected the names, addresses, and phone numbers of a local competitor's customers. He had a friend put a box for a free drawing (not related to his restaurant) on the competitor's checkout counter. The contest was completely legitimate (people did win the promised prizes) and the rival gave his permission to place the box. He just didn't know entry forms would be given to the owner of a competing restaurant. With the information from the contest entries, the original restaurant owner could send coupons to many of his competitor's customers.

The individual in this example used a low-tech attack, but the story illustrates the basic concept behind all corporate espionage — gaining a competitive advantage. (more)

Moral—Business espionage is not just IT-based. All the old tricks still work, and are still used. If you are only locking the IT door, expect them to come in through the windows, chimney and sewer pipes. We can help.