Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Business Espionage: 2-Day Seminar in Australia

Today, in many countries, espionage has become a paramount threat to business corporations. Asia Pacific is no exception to economic espionage where the act of information theft, misappropriation, acquisition of sensitive financial, business or trade data, stealing proprietary and technology information, receiving, purchasing, or possessing a trade secret is becoming rampant. Many think it is fine to do this... 

Today espionage committed across the corporate landscape accounts for up to 100 billion US$ per year. This figure is a reflection of the premise: We know what we know but the total losses per annum are probably unknown. 

The vast majority of espionage activities are conducted by employees of those companies or by contractors employed by them. Statistically, 75 percent of proprietary information is lost from physical actions (bugging and traditional tactics), rather than hacking...

This course is a comprehensive and practical workshop on Economic Espionage... designed for security and business professionals who recognize the critical importance of protecting their intellectual property and sensitive data to predators.

Today espionage is the most lethal bug that spreads faster than diseases and cripples businesses.
If it is not the decision of the Senior Management than who else to plug the gaps and do the wrong right. 

This specialized training will be held on 18-19 Jun 2014 in Australia, Sydney. (more)