Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Night Janitor Admits to Hiding Spycam in Staff Bathroom

NV - A former school district janitor told police he hid a video camera in a staff bathroom with the intent to record people using the bathroom in various stages of undress, according to the arrest report.

Gary Wayne Higbee, who has only been employed part-time with the district since September 2014, is facing three counts of capturing an image or the private area of another person...

The video camera was discovered when an employee at Givens Elementary School noticed what appeared to be something hidden next to a silk plant on the bathroom sink.

Another employee told police she noticed Higbee checking out the unisex bathroom every time someone came out of it.

According to the arrest report, Higbee told police he took the camera from his other job at Southwest Airlines, where he works as a ramp agent. He said, he researched on the Internet how to do hidden recordings of people.