Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Workplace Video Voyeurism - Streaming Covert Dressing Room Camera

Reality TV star and Las Vegas showgirl Holly Madison said managers at Mandalay Bay’s 1923 Bourbon and Burlesque watched secret, intimate recordings of her and other women in their dressing room.

Madison and her company, Awesometown Inc., filed a lawsuit Monday against multiple individuals involved with her show, 1923 Bourbon and Burlesque by Holly Madison. A second suit was filed on behalf of the other dancers by the same Las Vegas firm, Garcia-Mendoza and Snavely.

The court documents allege that the corporations and managers who hired Madison and ran the venue filmed, transmitted and disseminated images of the women naked and changing costumes for about five months last year without the women’s knowledge or consent.

Robert W. Sabes, Noel Bowman, Robert Fry and Avi Kopelman, the individuals named in the suit, are accused of secretly placing a digital video recorder capable of storing 17 days of film in the women’s changing room. Video was then streamed to the men’s computers and other digital devices, according to the lawsuit...

In addition to the men named in the lawsuit, the action targets the corporations involved, Fat Hat LLC, ICE Lounge Las Vegas LLC and J. F. Sabes Investment Inc, as well as 20 unnamed people and corporations, which were involved in building the dressing room and setting up the surveillance camera.