Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spycams and Wiretaps - Motives for Murder

PA - A man has shot his neighbor eight times - leaving her in critical condition - and taken his own life after accusing her of wiretapping his apartment in a years-long rift.

Steven Outlaw, 51, confronted his downstairs neighbor, 46-year-old Mary Pitts-Devine, in the first-floor hallway of their West Philadelphia building just before 11am on Sunday, WPVI reported.

He shot at her 10 times, hitting her with eight bullets and leaving her in critical condition.

Outlaw then went to his second-floor apartment and shot himself dead, police said.

The shooting came after a simmering argument over whether Pitts-Devine was wiretapping the telephone lines of Outlaw's apartment, Philly.com reported...

He had also written down accusations that she was spying on him with video cameras, according to the channel. more