Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bugged: Russian Roach Rampage (Warning: Sensationalist Reporting)

The terrifying cockroach robo-SPY that could soon perform reconnaissance missions for the Russian military...

  • Robot is fitted with photosensitive sensors to track its surroundings
  • The 4-inch (10cm) mechanical roach moves like the Blaberus giganteus
  • A sample of the robo-bugs is being planned for Russian armed forces
  • Future models will be able to camouflage themselves, spy on people with portable cameras and carry out reconnaissance missions
Move over James Bond, your job is under threat from an army of robo-spies that look and move like cockroaches.

Researchers have created insect bots, inspired by the Blaberus giganteus species of roach, capable of scanning rooms and tracking their surroundings.

Fitted with sensors, these mechanical bugs can cover 12 inches (31cm) a second and the technology has already piqued the interest of the Russian military.

Researchers have created a robotic cockroach (pictured main), inspired by the Blaberus family of roaches (B. craniifer shown on top of the robot), capable of scanning rooms and tracking its surroundings. The mechanical bug can cover 12 inches a second

The bionic cockroaches were designed by engineers Danil Borchevkin and Aleksey Belousov at Kaliningrad's Kant University.

Each robot is 4-inches (10cm) long and fitted with photosensitive sensors, as well as sensors that detect contact, meaning they can constantly look out for obstacles. more