Saturday, September 12, 2015

Woman Discovers Spycam in Her Bedroom... (then the action starts)

Ms. Wu, age 26, is suing her former roommate, identified by his last name Lin, for installing a spycam in her bedroom...
Ms. Wu noticed that there was a large black trashbag that didn’t belong to her, stuffed into the space above her closet. Inside, she discovered a camera, and a wire that ran from the camera across the hall into her roommate’s bedroom.

Ms. Wu waited for her roommate, Mr. Lin, to return home from work before confronting him about the camera.

Mr. Lin denied that he’d put a spycam in Ms. Wu’s room, but broke down her door to steal the camera back and packed up his computer equipment.

Ms. Wu, while attempting to stop him from leaving with the evidence, was thrown from the moving car. Ms. Wu said she’d still file charges against him for the spycam, despite the lack of evidence, and would also be filing a vehicular assault charge.  (more with video report)