Friday, April 1, 2016

Spycam Lawsuit: Female Oil Rig Worker Sues for $1 Million

It looked like a normal clothing hook -- small and unsuspecting, mounted on the back door of her sleeping quarters on the Transocean Deepwater oil rig.

But to her, for some reason it just didn't feel right.

"The rooms are pretty bare and minimum, so when you notice something that's different, it kind of sticks out to you."

Though 26, she'd been on plenty of rigs before. In fact, she'd spent much of her life dedicated to working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. But she says she'd never seen something like this.
"It was out of place."

She dismissed the weird feeling and thought to herself, "Well, it must just be extra storage."
That was a Friday in August 2015. Four days later, the hook was gone. more