Monday, April 18, 2016

Spycam Lawsuit: Employee Known Video Voyeur - Store Manager Did Nothing

A Colorado Springs woman is suing Reebok International, a Reebok Outlet Store, and a teenage store employee over a Peeping Tom incident... Christina Selvig said she caught a glimpse of Austin Kyle Baker looking over the top of the wall into her changing room...

She immediately informed the store manager who did nothing more than take her name and number and promised to get back with her the next day, which didn’t happen.

Selvig wasn’t sitting around waiting for action on the store’s part, she had already informed the police, who also didn’t take her complaint that seriously initially, chalking the incident up to an accident.

...three days later, Baker confessed to spying on Christina, in addition to several more women. An investigation revealed that at least one other employee was aware that Baker was a video voyeur, and continued to allow the behavior.

Law enforcement told her that he had turned over his phone... Forensics came back with footage of her, as well as deleted videos of other women. more

Here comes another big pockets settlement. If your company offers employees, visitors and/or customers "expectation of privacy" areas, you better begin doing your due diligence. Start here.