Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How Business Espionage Really Works (Hint, it ain't just computers.)

The Dirty Dozen
  1. Trespassing on the property of a competitor.
  2. Secretly observing the activities or properties of others.
  3. Using electronic eavesdropping equipment.
  4. Learning trade secrets by hiring people who work for a competitor.
  5. Hiring a spy to get specific information from an other company.
  6. Planting an undercover operative on someone else’s payroll.
  7. Stealing documents or property (includes electronic documents).
  8. Conducting phone negotiations for a license, franchise, or distributorship in order to gain inside information.
  9. Gaining information by staging a phony market research study or similar interview project.
  10. Bribing. Most forms of bribery are unethical, including those disguised as “gifts”.
  11. Blackmailing.
  12. Extorting. 
From: Best Practice Guidelines in Business Espionage Controls & Countermeasures