Thursday, June 2, 2016

Book - "Accidental P.I." by David B. Watts - Very Non-Fiction. Very Good.

Accidental P.I. takes you on a thrill ride following the fifty-year professional career of Private Investigator David Watts, as his life story treats you to these experiences and more. From murder, rioting, gambling and drug raids to sex cases, and fraud, this behind-the-scenes peek at real-life cases shows how investigators get the job done—not like in the movies or on television.

David Watts entered the investigative field as a young New Jersey policeman at the beginning of the turbulent 1960s. His descriptions of the seedier side of the cultural revolution during that era is riveting . . . and you get to go along for the ride! Switching to the private sector, armed with a Super 8 camera, he had the guts to quit law enforcement and start his own business in 1976 and has been at it ever since...

About the Author 
David B. Watts, a licensed private investigator for the past four decades, specializes in fraud and business investigations. He and Linda, his wife of 53 years, worked for major law firms and the Fortune 500 in the busy New York to Philadelphia corridor on cases ranging from kickbacks to special security issues. Dave has also worked several murder cases and innumerable insurance fraud matters.

His investigation career began in his twenties as a Plainfield, New Jersey patrolman. He was promoted to detective, then joined the Union County Prosecutor's Office as a County Investigator. These early experiences eventually launched him into a lifetime of investigation work in the private sector. His pursuit of the facts brought him into state and federal courts as well as the board rooms of major corporations. He is respected among his peers and continues to take on special investigations, now in his seventies. more

Dave and I go way back. I am familiar with some of his cases (as he is with some of mine) so I can assure you he shares these experiences accurately. Reading about them brought back some good memories. It also made me realize how much he and his wife Linda accomplished in their career together.  Congratulations, Dave & Linda! 

Meet Dave - Book Signings
June 12, 2016 – 1 to 3 p.m. Clinton Book Shop, Clinton, NJ
July 10, 2016 – 12 N to 2 p.m. Barnes & Noble, Bridgewater, NJ