Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Active Shooter: This 5-Minute Video Could Save Your Life

Run. Hide. Fight.

More Tips
Former Secret Service agent warns: You are the soft targets | Fox News Video

Follow the general "if you see something, say something".

Reminder of what you should do to be "situationally aware":
• Report suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.
• If you think there's an imminent threat use 911, otherwise call law enforcement on their local lines.
• Threats to the President or Vice President should go to the Secret Service first if there's time.
• Describe, to the best of your ability, specifically what you heard or observed, including:
      - Who or what you saw;
      - When you saw it;
      - Where it occurred; and
      - Why you believe it's suspicious.

It is better to report and be wrong than to not report and have a potentially serious incident occur. Let Law Enforcement (LE) be the deciding factor.

Make sure you ALWAYS look for a second exit when entering a building. This is not just in case of terrorism, robbery, etc., but in case there's a fire.

Resource materials for security directors:
1. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Department of Homeland Security

2. Active Shooter Guide - FEMA

3. Operational Templates and Guidance for EMS Mass Incident Deployment

4. The First Responder Guidance for Improving Survivability in Improvised Explosive Device and/or Active Shooter Incidents (DHS)

5. Mass Casualty Management Systems – World Health Organization

6. Active Shooter Study: Quick Reference Guide (FBI)