Friday, July 8, 2016

Spybusters Textbook Tip: Be Careful What You Say in Public

A man has exposed the cheating antics of a relative stranger after overhearing her making arrangements for a liaison with her lover in a petrol station.

Stevie Wilcock, 22, posted a description of the woman, her car and her license plate online in a post that has gone viral... (he) was on his way to work when he was in a queue for coffee in Chester's Shell garage when he overheard the conversation.

But while Mr Wilcock said he was acting in good will his decision to publicly shame the woman appears to have backfired with some.

One user said: "Maybe Dave is an absolute horror and she needs a little TLC. Or maybe Dave would like to try and repair the relationship. But he won't get the chance now because some' fine upstanding citizen' has decided to put Dave's private business out there for everyone to comment on."

Nevertheless Mr Wilcock stands behind his decision to take action. more

PS - Your confidential business discussions are also vulnerable every time you talk in public. Think your office is a safe location? When was the last time you had it swept?