Monday, March 13, 2017

Anti-Surveillance Sunglasses – Q Would Be Proud

...there’s a new set of spectacles on Kickstarter that might help you bamboozle even the most sophisticated facial recognition tech.

The Eko shades, as they’re called, are rimmed with a type of retro-reflective material that bounces light back to exactly where it came from. Most surfaces reflect light by diffusing or scattering it in all directions, but this material is specially designed to reflect light back at the exact same angle as it arrived.

If caught in flash photography, retro-reflective material will send most of the light back to the camera’s sensor. This will put the dynamic range of the camera’s sensor to the test, and likely result in an image that’s underexposed for everything but the rims of your glasses.

Of course, this won’t help much for any camera that doesn’t require a flash, but it’s still a pretty interesting concept. more

...and the DIY hat to go with them!
1937 prototype anti-mind control device.
(Ok, who said, "Too late. She has already lost hers.")