Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Common Bugs

Spy tools are no longer esoteric, expensive and difficult to obtain. 

Some bugs are built into everyday objects - like pens, power strips and key fobs.

The result...
The average person can engage in eavesdropping and spying cheaply; doing it better than the professionals did only ten years ago - with less chance of being discovered. So they do!

Spy Trick Awareness

1. Digital audio/video recorders are very small, and absolutely silent. No moving parts. Inexpensive. Some are smartphone apps, others are built into wristwatches and key fobs.

The trick...
These devices are easily hidden on-the-body, or look like everyday objects. They can be activated by a timer, or when they hear sound, or see movement. Some devices can even stream live video.

In adversarial meetings, the other party may leave the room to make a call, or go to the restroom, and leave one of these behind in a coat, briefcase or notepad.

Assume you are being recorded. 

2. GSM bugs are designed to be bugs and nothing else. They are basically one-way, dumb cell phones. No keypad. No display. No speaker. They are available on the Internet for less than $20.

The trick...
The snoop plugs in a SIM card and hides the device. From then on, they can call-to-listen, from anywhere.

Some devices might have to be retrieved periodically to refresh the battery, or retrieve the recording. Other devices might be wired to the mains and transmit their data via LAN, Wi-Fi, light or radio waves.

Spybuster Tips: