Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Spy Tech Talk - A Method to Detect a Wiretap Attack

...encryption and other forms of protection are important for fiber optic/copper communications, but there is also the need to consider physical protection for the infrastructure where those cable are installed. Many communication wires could be at risk of being physically tapped...

RBtec has introduced a new system dedicated to protecting physical connections such as conduits, cable trays and any other means that hold communication cables. A new protective sensor has been introduced with a layout that links directly to a wire setup as a means of ensuring data is less likely to be tampered with. The design of the system is used to ensure that data is not going to be lost or harmed in any manner.

The sensor wire is a vibration sensor capable sensing the unique vibration associated with tampering. This is attached outside the pipe, sneaked inside the pipe or tray that a wire connection is linked up to. This connects right onto an alarm system through a series of relay outputs. It analyzes any vibrations on the conduit that cause mean someone is trying to accessing the data pipe and stops outside forces from getting in. more